Yahoo Japan has leveraged 3D-printing technology to recreate different words into mini versions of physical objects they stand for. By integrating the voice search function with the three-dimensional printing, the tech brand has helped visually impaired children in Tokyo get a grasp, literally, of the world around them.

Nokia embraces one of the latest achievements of modern technology, 3D printing, to enable its fans to create Nokia Lumia 820 custom phone cases by themselves at home. Of course, this offer is available only to those who already have 3D printers. The project was described by Community & Developer Marketing Manager John Kneeland on the company’s Conversations blog.

The article is written by Sara Jones, Creative Director at brand development and packaging design agency Anthem Worldwide, part of Schawk, Inc.

The power of packaging to tell a story and engage with consumers is sometimes undervalued.  And yet when a product is on the shelf, sitting next to its rivals, this is the point when all of a brand’s marketing and advertising comes together; the moment of truth when the shopper’s choice will decide whether investment in the brand really worked.  Even as more and more shopping shifts online, the product image will always be the last thing a customer sees before making their selection.