Diet Coke Israel celebrates the uniqueness of its fans with two million custom-printed bottles

Following in the footsteps of Absolut with its 4 million of uniquely printed bottles in 2012, Diet Coke has also tapped on the automatic personalization trend, using an advanced programmatic printing algorithm.

This month Coca-Cola Israel has launched a new marketing campaign «Stay Extraordinary» focused on individuality of each and every Diet Coke fan. To prove the statement, the Israeli Diet Coke marketers teamed up with the tech-savvy digital printing studio HP Indigo and production company Q Digital to print out two million shrink sleeve labels for the bottles of 3 sizes: 51 oz, 17 oz and 12 oz.

Photo: a small batch of 2 mln unique Diet Coke bottles
Photo: a small batch of 2 mln unique Diet Coke bottles

Interestingly, the printing machine was pre-programmed to generate random unique designs for each sleeve.

This campaign has was developed and produced in collaboration with the innovation agency Gefen Team—the same guys who helped Coca-Cola Israel set a custom-made 3D printing lab, where customers had a chance to be scanned and get a 3D-printed miniature version of themselves back in 2013. The advertising support was done by Tel-Aviv-based Dahaf.

Diet Coke presents: Millions of one of a kind bottles from Gefen Team on Vimeo.