Vodafone has revealed the refreshed visual identity, “Power of Red,” that encompasses energy and the desire to move forward. The new logo developed by The Brand Union comes as an “enhanced” version of the branded sign introduced back in 1997. The creative team added a red rhombus shape emerging from the Vodafone’s much-recognizable inverted comma to render its “confident energy and progression.

The blue tin has been the symbol of NIVEA since 1925, and has contributed a lot to the brand’s high recognition on the market. Over the decades, the brand’s parent company Beiersdorf has been developing the brand basing on its core values. 2013 is the year when the NIVEA skin and body care portfolio gets a major design update, which starts rolling out gradually across more than 200 countries in January.

Within the tightly formed battleground of the Portugese beer market, the Sagres brand had not been evolved to its fullest potential, and on-shelf the brand’s erosion of quality and national pride was a threat to one of Portugal’s most iconic beers. Could beer brand experts Claessens International give Sagres back its national pride and rebuild its emotional bond with consumers?