Reebok is launching one of two new TV ads that were created under the brand’s new “Ree” marketing platform. “Ree” is a fresh voice for the brand that remains true to the Reebok DNA and puts the brand in the center of the conversation and the creative. To kick off the “Ree” campaign, the brand has created TV spots highlighting two key products, Reebok EasyTone and Reebok ZigTech.

Global brands are tending to support rather popular projects than indie ones, but there can be exceptions. Reebok has offered its financial support to the “Crooked Arrows” sports movie, produced by J. Todd HarrisJeepers Creepers«), Mitchell PeckPriest«) and Adam LeffValentino: The Last Emperor«). The film, which goes into production this spring, will be focused on the world of lacrosse, a team sport of Native American origin.