Trends, trends, trends… With the new 2015 year on the doorstep, all marketing experts make their forecasts on what people would watch, do, eat, wear, etc. The London-based trends and insights agency SBC Partners, part of Havas Media Group, has shared some views on the future of dining, fashion, retail, home, travelling, lifestyle, and more.

IKEA is officially unveiling its 2015 IKEA U.S. catalog that is full of new products and awesome insights into how to make the home space the true heaven. This year’s edition titled “Where the Everyday Begins and Ends” focuses on two major rooms in the house—bedroom and bathroom, and explains how to organize these spaces most comfortably, helping reflect the style and personality of the homeowners.

Once again IKEA has demonstrated its unique talent to save space without compromising on the contents. The Swedish furniture retailer has installed a hilarious street ad in Germany that delivers three messages, revealed one by one, on the same canvases without any digital element. Named the “RGB billboard,” the ad proves that a truly smart approach can extend interiors with no tech included.

Target has turned to Pineterst to find a team of aspiring designers for its new product lines. The retailer has teamed up with three active pinners and bloggers—Joy Cho (USA), Jan Halvarson (Canada), and Kate Arends (USA)—who will co-create a series of upcoming collections that will include party products. The three users are also working in design, so they are supposed to feel quite comfortable with the assignment.

COMMON, a global collaborative brand and a startup accelerator for socially conscious business practices, is about to roll out the ethically-minded COMMON Marketplace platform. It is a place where people from across the world can sell or buy products and services that resonate with the “goods for the good” philosophy. The site that launches on January 31 is now calling sellers and buyers to join in by signing up.