This festive season, beer brands are demonstrating their dedication to classical Christmas songs and creating their own modern versions of festive tunes. Grolsch has recently unveiled its own adaptation of the ‘Oh, Christmas Tree’ (‘O Tannenbaum’) carol—the best known version of which was  written in 1824 by Leipzig-based teacher Ernst Anschütz (the melody is an old folk tune). The beer brand created a video Christmas card, which features the Swingtop Philharmonic Orchestra playing the iconic melody on green bottles.

SABMiller shows the results of the research, which is focused on today’s beer drinking traditions in European countries. The report titled “Whose Round?” unveiled that 20% of 6,000 respondents from 12 cities consider Prague as their top ‘beer’ city, which is followed by Amsterdam (13%) and Berlin (12%). The least attractive capital for beer-drinking are Bucharest, Bratislava and Warsaw with their 1% for each.

SABMiller’s Šariš, one of the leading beer brands in the Slovakian beer market, is available in three variants: Premium, Light and Dark. In order to maintain and strengthen the current market position, a new brand positioning has been defined directing at the authentic roots of Šariš: ‘Easterner at heart’. An evolutionary upgrade of the brand should support this new brand positioning.

Grolsch is continuing its digital campaigns to attract more new customers and please the loyal beer-drinkers. The brand is introducing the large-scale Gosch! Taste Amplified project to deliver the audience the enthralling activities with the help of its digital agency Blonde. The campaign involves introducing new interactive banners on Lonely Planet, Resident Advisor and Time Out websites, and additions to the Grolsh’s online environment on its website.