New ideas are often sourced from previous approaches. Miller Lite has returned to the old ‘It’s Miller Time’ tagline (now it has a new meaning) to encourage Americans to spend more time with their friends—not only for a beer. While in the previous campaigns under this slogan, which was used by Miller High Life in 1970’s and then returned for Miller Lite from 1997 to 2002, beer was positioned as a reward after hard work, now the focus got shifted to sociability. The new U.S. campaign, which is set to roll across multiple platforms including TV, social media and print, is to help the Miller Lite beer, which is the fourth biggest-selling beer brands in the USA, revive since its overall shipments dropped by 4.3 percent last year, CNBC reports.

Grolsch and CARTILS have revealed the new graphic design for all bottles, cans and other packaging for the iconic Grolsch brand. The design will be introduced into the Dutch market this week. The new packaging will be hitting the store shelves worldwide beginning March. SABMiller teamed up with CARTILS, the well-known international branding and packaging design consultancy, in order to give the brand a more prominent look and feel. The primary focus was on the creation of a consistent worldwide visual identity, which emphasises the brand values as well as increasing the standout factor.

Pilsner Urquell, a flagship of SABMiller’s international brand portfolio, launched its new global creative campaign ‘The Legends of Pilsner Urquell’ on YouTube and The meticulously created stop-frame animation film celebrates ‘The Day Pilsen Struck Gold,’ the first chapter, in the true historical legends of the brand. The film tells the factual history of November 1842, when the Pilsen brewers took the inaugural sip of the world’s first golden beer.

In the world of beer brands, Stella Artois and Grolsch are recognized cinema addicts. While the first of them provides a retrospective look at the history of cinematograph with its numerous projects and hilarious retro-style campaign as well as pays tribute to the recent accomplishments in the industry by supporting the Cannes Film Festival, the second one, which also celebrates the legendary movies through its Grolsch & LWLies Presents club, from now on is mainly focused on the future. The iconic Dutch beer brand is now sponsoring the 54th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF) and also presents a new program dubbed ‘Grolsch Film Works’ to give a hand to emerging cinema talents.