Travelling around the globe and learning more about other cultures is usually rewarding, but sometimes one may find himself in tricky situations, and usually only a miracle (or really smart brains) can save him. The new campaign, launched by Singapore’s internationally acclaimed brew Tiger Beer, revolves around this theme as well—in the ads, a young male, who travels to various countries including Russia and France, gets in a mess, but he manages to ‘hop’ out of trouble by using Tiger Beer.

dENiZEN, introduced by Levi Strauss primarily as a brand for Asia-Pacific region, but later taken to the U.S. as well, has launched a new program targeted at ambitious young people, willing to spread the word about their start-ups. The brand is calling individuals and groups from China, Singapore, Korea, Pakistan, India and Mexico to come up with their inspirational and optimistic projects, which can benefit community in various areas, including filming, art, technology, music, sports or games. The most entertaining and smart entry will be selected by three judges and realized with the help of dENiZEN—so, it’s really worth trying.