Skype has set up partnership with Victoria Beckham as its new brand ambassador, tapped to “inspire and empower” users in exploring the service’s broad possibilities. The campaign taglined Skype Collaboration Project is targeting younger generation of digital consumers, aged 18–34 through a series of fashion-related episodes that provide an insight into top fashion designers’ lives.

Skype is taking its “Skype in the Classroom” initiative further by introducing more online lessons, based on partnerships with international organizations from various fields to educate kids around the globe on important issues. As part of celebrating World Teacher’s Day last Friday, the VoIP service launched several new classes by NASA and British Council—to join in, users are just asked to click of the class plus click on the “Sign up to take part” button.

Skype, which enables people communicate with each other without any borders, has also made a lot to foster spreading of the best education practices across the globe. In 2010, the VoIP giant teamed up with the Peace One Day organization dedicated to promoting non-violence in all its forms to create the Global Education Resource for teachers. Now, the company is calling global community to contribute to the project via the Skype for Peace crowd-funding campaign.All funds raised through this initiative will be used to get the Peace One Day Global Education Resource in the hands of more teachers around the world,” says the brand in its blogpost.

Landor Associates, a global creative community of brand strategists and designers, has released the results of its 2012 Breakaway Brands Study, which demonstrates top ten US brands that have successfully progressed in brand strength over a three-year period from 2008 to 2011. Just like the last year, Facebook was identified as the brand with the leading brand position, which has grown by 206% over three years. 

Nike and Skype have launched new activations revolving around human faces. The online ‘Free Face’ game, which was kicked off by Nike in Japan, is designed to promote Nike iD, the brand’s branch which is focused on customization and adjusting to consumers’ preferences. The new digital Flash platform, developed by Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo, invites fans to give their faces a workout and (with the help of the web camera) put them next to Nike ID’s sneakers, which can easily mimic the facial expressions thanks to their flexible soles.