Oasis, the UK’s on the go juice drink, is launching a year-round campaign to make British happier. Introducing the strap-line «Fruity Drinks and Lunchtime Dreams» the Coca-Cola Great Britain brand will be continuing to target its core audience of twenty-something men and women with the campaign, showcasing the extraordinary lengths to which Oasis will go to make lunchtimes better.

The Coca-Cola is supporting the March Madness with its Vitaminwater, Glaceau product made of distilled water with vitamins, herbs and flavors, by an online mini-campaign. This is a basketball tournament, organized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which starts in March and finishes in April. This time the brand gives consumers hilarious and totally ridicules tips on how to keep tuned in the event.

HUGO BOSS is launching a new line of BOSS Orange, and to commemorate this it invites the fans to participate in the creative process and make a T-shirt of their own. The users are invited to show their talent and creativity by making the boldest design ever on the Facebook page of the brand. Each of the contestants will provide two sketches and they will be voted by other visitors.