On March 1, Pernod Ricard has announced the winners of its art contest featuring Pernod Aux Plantes d’Absinthe Superieure brand. The grand prize reflects the year when Pernod Fils was founded, 1805. The creator of the work, which took the first place, is to receive $1805, and the three runner-ups are to be awarded with $500 and $250 (two artists) correspondingly.

Nike is impressing again. Just in time for the Olympics the brand has launched an inspirational spot “Chain”, showing the huge power of will which helps sportsmen hit the records, both official and personal. The spot is demonstrating the chain of athletes, Lance Armstrong, Maria Sharapova, Rampage Jackson, Oscar Pistorius and a six-year-old in China learning martial arts and many others are going beyond the possible to become champions, primarily for themselves.

The (RED) campaign aimed at raising awareness about fighting AIDS in Africa is growing bigger with new holiday additions on Facebook. Now you can kiss your lover, friends or relatives with (RED) lips. It’s not just a picture of a kiss, you hear all the romantic sounds, which can be heard when you give someone a smack. Then, you go and buy (RED) presents.

It’s not an easy thing to make long-term predictions as to consumers’ interest, but some giants in the media sphere are not afraid of being prophets and shaping the future. ESPN, the sports broadcaster, Mindshare, the WPP-owned network, and Unilever, released «Media 2015: The Future of Media«. It tells how the buyer habits are going to change in the next five years.