According to the recent statistics, nearly 19,000 cyclists are killed in the road accidents in the U.K. every year. To address the problem, the British car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover has initiated a research project aimed to identify the best warning sounds, colours and actions that will catch a driver’s attention immediately.

88% of European current business leaders and 90% of future leaders agree that business should have social purpose; however, while roughly the same number of current leaders (87% or 9 in 10) agree that businesses do have social purpose now, only 19% (or 2 in 10) of future leaders agree on that.

Ahead of the American premiere of «Annie,» a family musical drama about an orphan adopted by a politician, the production company Sony Pictures Entertainment is teaming up with the government-supported nonprofit Turnaround Arts which aims to raise interest in arts in the schools from the poorest deprived regions of America.