Marketing on social platforms has one big disadvantage that we call ‘Like-pressure’: ‘likes’ are an unclear indicator: some users press it mechanically, many smart people don’t see the point to do it. People become numbers – this is the main digital marketing tragedy for both sides.

We always wonder is there a smarter and more realistic way to communicate with a mass audience (not an intellectual minority) on social media or in frames of global marketing it inevitably contracts to a word-free system?

Today Popsop Research is about Tumblr in terms of global branding. Let’s see.

Fanta is making the most of its advertising. Coca-Cola’s orange soda brand has released an edible print in a range of the Middle East lifestyle publications to promote the new improved taste of Fanta. Consumers don’t have to buy the drink to try the new “deliberately orange” flavor—they can simply eat the promotional page, as it is printed on a rice orange-color edible paper. In this traditional playful manner, Fanta encouraged fans to share the tasteful ad with others.

The US most intensely creative and up-and-coming filmmakers are ready to make their debut as the Sprite Films program returns to spotlight bold and innovative talent. Eight promising filmmakers have been chosen by Sprite to make a name for themselves in the film industry with the unique opportunity to participate in a film competition spanning multiple colleges and universities across the United States. Sprite is providing a nationwide platform to shine a light on the aspiring filmmakers, and is also introducing the filmmakers to seasoned actor Tyrese Gibson who will provide guidance and insight to ignite the film students’ creativity and overall experience throughout the filmmaking process.

Sprite has launched a new campaign dubbed ‘Uncontainable Game’ in a very Nikeish style, encouraging young consumers to share their dedication to sport. The new marketing effort, which was launched last night during NBA All-Star weekend in the USA, stars legendary basketball players Kobe Bryant and LeBron James along with Andrea Bargnani of Italy, Al Horford of the Dominican Republic, Omri Casspi of Israel and Serge Ibaka of the Republic of Congo, and is considered the largest global campaign Sprite has ever executed since this effort is to be launched across 27 countries. Ad Age reports that “Sprite plans to carry the program into at least 2014.

One of the boldest youth targeted filmmaking initiatives launched last year, the Sprite Refreshing Films Program, is approaching the finish line. The soft drink brand is proud to present six films created by the finalists of the project and is encouraging Americans to visit the dedicated hub and vote for their favourite short movie by sending text messages—the team behind the winning work will head to a major film festival this summer where their movie will be screened.