Nestlé’s Nescafé is greatly worried about the current situation in their coffee sector of the market, which was caused by Starbucks’s launching its VIA instant coffee varieties. It the 90-ies the brewing coffee-chain won over Nescafé, but now it is following its main rival’s steps and nearly copying its image. The new policy of the green-label brand has risen righteous indignation of the old instant coffee maker, and it launched a website to show consumers the difference.

Starbucks Corporation got a mighty and growing rival, an Italian IllyCaffe SpA, which is successfully taking over the US premium coffee market. The Trieste-based corporation signed agreements with around 30 independent coffee shops, many of which are located in traditional Starbucks area, and is going to win one hundred more all around America in coming 3 years — not only in the USA, but in Canada and Mexico as well.