This month the management consulting company McKinsey has revealed the results of a study on the impact of co-creation—a phenomenon of  modern marketing, when a company engages external parties—most often, customers—into its creative processes online. Interestingly, the research has showed that co-creation increases the chances of success of a new product innovation by as little as 4% on average. However, it may have some positive side-effects, such as reduction of costs on market research and increase in customer loyalty.

Starbucks will be unveiling a new artistic design on its limited-edition reusable plastic cups this autumn—it will be the artwork that won the Starbucks White Cup Contest, which was running across the U.S. and Canada. In spring, the coffee giant asked its multiple fans in America to develop their own original artwork to fill the blank canvas of its white coffee cups. The winning work was submitted by 20-year-old community college student Brita Lynn Thompson, living in Pittsburgh.