Following the launch of the»green» low-calorie soda Coca-Cola Life in the UK last week, the company is introducing another new product for health-conscious British consumers—a bottled vaporised water brand glacéau smartwater. The launch is supported with a «multi-million pound» marketing campaign (figures are not disclosed) and features a 45-year-old American actress Jennifer Aniston as the ‘face’ and the brand’s spokesperson in the UK.

Ford Motor Company and The Coca-Cola Company have collaborated to design a car with sustainability in mind. Together they have presented the first-ever vehicle with the interiors that feature fabric made of the same renewable materials that are used to make Coca-Cola’s PlantBottles. This is the first time the technology behind the Coca-Cola plant-based PET plastic bottle was leveraged to create something not in the packaging field.

Coca-Cola Canada has released a new video, “The Calorie Dictionary,” to show consumers how they can burn calories through fun and simple extra movements. The 30-sec spot comes as the latest addition to the company’s global commitment to help fight obesity through informed choices, physical activity and reduced advertising to kids under 12.

The Coca-Cola Company has made a pledge to cease ads to kids under 12 across the globe. The soda drinks maker is often accused of contributing to the children’s obesity, and this move is expected to clear the “fatty” image of the company that celebrates its 127th these days. The move is part of Coca-Cola’s «Coming Together» campaign, which was launched earlier this year.