Following its emotional “Likes don’t save lives” campaign, UNICEF Sweden continues communicating the message of how important monetary support is. The new effort “The Good Guys Christmas” launched just in the middle of the gift season, features three iconic good-doers Jesus, Mother Teresa and Gandhi as well as a guy who was honoured to join the Christmas dinner with the greatest philanthropist of all times by just clicking a UNICEF banner and buying medications for kids online.

IKEA is announcing the launch of its annual seasonal initiative Soft Toys for Education aimed to raise funds to provide children in developing regions with an access to quality education. As part of this international effort, the company donates one euro from each IKEA soft toy purchased during the two-month period, through January 4, to UNICEF and Save the Children.

Following the “Likes don’t buy lives” effort, UNICEF Sweden has launched another sentimental campaign, “Escape ends here,” that aims to generate support for refugee children. The charitable organization communicated the message through an unconventional outdoor effort that involved projection mapping. Last week, residents of Stockholm could spot ghostly silhouettes of children all around the city—these eery, mystic figures were symbolizing refugee kids who have to face all the challenges of urban jungle, which becomes their home as they arrive, escaping from the native lands.

Clothing may be a way to make a bold fashion statement or express your inner world, but sometimes it turn to be a great thing that helps us support a social cause. Threadless, BBH New York and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF have teamed up to launch GOOD SHIRTS, a new collection of T-shirts created to contribute to support relief efforts in the Horn of Africa, the region that is now suffering greatly from famine and drought. All the proceeds from the sale of the range, what went on sale on October 25, will be donated to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF and will be used to bring hope to the people of the deprived areas.