The days when the world’s attention was drawn to the Olympic Games, Vitaminwater France celebrated the professional athletes in ordinary people doing sports on tracks and pitches, in pools and at stadiums. The beverage brand has launched an offline humorous promotion by Sid Lee, raising amateur athletes to the new heights and making them believe that they are real winners and personal records beaters.

The Glacéau vitaminwater brand, known for its bold claiming which was criticized by public and banned by the advertising watchdog ASA, has now come up with a new campaign, which surely won’t generate any negative buzz. The Coca-Cola Company’s colorful drink has launched a new promotional project ahead of London 2012, encouraging fans to join in the creative process of developing a new flavour. The crowd-sourcing project, running on Facebook, is fronted by English signer Jessie J, the new brand ambassador and a ‘Flavour Creator,’ she will also help launch the consumer generated product, the ninth in the brand’s line-up, shortly before the Olympic Games.

The Coca-Cola is supporting the March Madness with its Vitaminwater, Glaceau product made of distilled water with vitamins, herbs and flavors, by an online mini-campaign. This is a basketball tournament, organized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which starts in March and finishes in April. This time the brand gives consumers hilarious and totally ridicules tips on how to keep tuned in the event.

Coca-Cola encouraged Facebookers to take part in creating a new addition to the Glaceau Vitaminwater portfolio. The flavour, components and the bottle design of the new drink, Connect, were chosen by Facebook users, who participated in the promotional campaign on the social network website. The new drink now has a tasty black cherry-lime flavour made with caffeine and 8 key nutricients.