Smirnoff, which last year helped Madonna to find a new dancer in a global search as part of the second edition of its Nightlight Exchange project, is continuing its multi-faceted partnership with the pop-diva with a new fan-oriented project. The iconic vodka brand is offering its fans an access to a collector’s album, a set of remixed tracks from the singer’s much-anticipated  latest album MDNA, which is slated to hit the stores on March 26.

Smirnoff, one of the most ‘artistic’ vodkas in the world, has embarked on a new creative collaboration with two Australian artists, Nanami Cowdroy and Beastman (Brad Eastman), who created two designs for limited edition Smirnoff No. 21 packs. Starting with a black canvas, the two visual art creators developed two awesome interpretations of Smirnoff purity, which will inspire public to create their own art pieces for a digital wall, which will be transformed into the third design.

The ABSOLUT Vodka portfolio has been extended with a new flavoured variety, ABSOLUT Gräpevine, which comes as another taste experiment of the brand and offers yet more opportunities to bartenders who use the brand’s infused vodkas to create their diverse cocktails. The new offering, which combines the original and distinct taste of white grape and papaya, balanced with the sweet notes of dragon fruit, follows a new city-inspired ABSOLUT Vodka edition, the one dedicated to Miami. Both new offerings were launched in bars, nightclubs and retail across the USA on January 1.