Some jeans fit your shapes and help you become more eco-minded (Levi’s), some make you feel a bold superhero (Diesel), but no denim pants have ever cared of your skin before. But things change. To protect the legs’ skin from the sometimes dehydrating effect of the denim, Wrangler has developed a line of moisturizing skinny-fit jeans. Styles from the new Spa Denim line are infused with special high-performance skincare ingredients, which help to keep skin of the legs beautiful.

Wrangler has unveiled its new SS2012 collection on its official European website, using the old but winning approach—the interactive showcase, which allows users to drag and push the characters just like it was with the previous online presentations. The line includes both the men’s and women’s apparel and is inspired by retro looks of 70s (this seems to be a huge trend today).

Wrangler, which is one of the well-known ‘peace-breakers’ in the world of brands, has kicked off a new project inviting its fans to share their adventure stories for a chance to be selected as the True Wanderer and win a bike. The search has been launched in India as part of the campaign dedicated to the launch of the Wrangler SS11 collection in the country—earlier, the brand also released a hilarious and absolutely breathtaking set of prints dubbed ‘Stunt’ to promote the new range.

Wrangler is crowdsourcing ideas—the well-known denim brand is inviting its fans to ‘shape the future’ of the iconic American jeans by presenting their own vision on the new design of the first style in Wrangler’s new line called Next Blue. This is a call for all Americans aged 18+, even for those who are not experienced in design, since the brand wants its fans to present their ideas in video submissions. Those, who want to make their contribution to the world of fashion through Wrangler have to convince the brand that their ‘denim’ ideas are really worth realization and definitely can benefit the brand’s portfolio of Western style jeans.

‘Catch them young’ is thought to be the secret motto of all companies and brands, but as their activity proves, they are not only establishing strong ties with younger consumers from early years of their life to make them used to buying a particular product, but also support their creativity, encourage to develop eco-friendly attitude and start making contributions to the world though participating in a range of social projects devised or supported by brands. Today, we at Popsop are delving into answering the question of what marketing efforts attract representatives of Generation Z (born 1991-2002) and to some extend Generation Y (born 1981-1990).

Wrangler is doing everything to take the title of the ‘Most stupid brand’ from Diesel. The two jeans makers work hard to remain on the list of catalysts for freedom of expression, and so impress the consumers’ imagination with mind-blowing advertising pieces, which encourage people to listen to their emotions only and forget about conventional rules of behaviour. To prove it really has a wild nature, Wrangler kicked off an ad campaign dubbed ‘We Are Animals’ (it won the Grand Prix at Cannes in 2009 as well as a number of industry awards), launched a project, which was inviting British young adults to participate in a range of extreme activities, as part of it and now is presenting a follow-up to the advertising push to demonstrate how durable the jeans are.

A new online campaign for Wrangler’s 2011 Spring/Summer collection launched this week on the brand’s website. As always, Wrangler has surprised its consumers with the innovative approach. Not so long ago the brand unveiled Blue Bell campaign allowing consumers to manipulate the man on the screen merely with the mouse, and it has come up with a newer, more exciting idea.