Toyota Africa took online interactivity to the offline world to promote Toyota RAV4. Since the vehicle is designed to appeal to people who spend most of their time away from computer screens, the car manufacturer wanted to reach the target audience through the media that would resonate with their active, offline lifestyle. The brand teamed up with DraftFCB Johannesburg and the digital agency Hellocomputer to build an outdoor bike trail that imitated a traditional website.

Diesel has announced some plans for the upcoming year. The brand is teaming up with the EDUN label founded by Bono and his wife Ali Hewson, a global fashion brand bringing about positive change through its trading relationship with Africa,” to launch a new collaborative collection in spring 2013. So far, the brands do not say much about the new line, but considering Diesel’s braveness and EDUN’s Africa-benefitting philosophy, the denim range is expected to combine a creative twist and a social/eco conscious approach.

Samsung is tackling the problem of lack of education in Africa in a simple but stunning and inspiring way. The tech company launched its Samsung’s Internet Schools Programme, which brings “technology-rich learning and teaching” K-12 classrooms to distant and rural regions of the countries. Through the initiative, the brand aims to foster education in poorest regions using the most cost-efficient, but effective and sustainable technologies—the new classrooms are opened in old shipping solar-powered renovated containers.