Hendrick’s Gin has embarked on a unique journey across the US to introduce its bizarre retro and fairy-tale style to the people in Houston, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York City. The brand, which is known for its unparalleled visual approach (its promotional activities and the website design are paying tribute to the cartoonyish and somewhat Monty Pytonish aesthetics), launched its five-port tour Voyages Into The Unusual on June 6. The brand will stop three nights in each of the destinations, transforming the hosting venues into a totally alternate realm, just like it did last this year as part of The Hendrick’s Enchanted Forest of Curiosities tour.

This summer, due to the London 2012 Summer Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, a range of brands got a touch of britishness. London, as the epicenter for this summer events, has become the major source of inspiration for designers—the style, culture and history of the capital are the trending themes of the new packaging designs. Beefeater, which is originally a London product, highlighted its connection with the capital by launching the Beefeater Inside London Limited Edition bottle, designed by Coley Porter Bell.

Traditionally, February of a leap year (and 2012 is one of them) is a month of reversed relationship as women can freely propose to a men on the last day of month. While Renault is supporting only ladies by encouraging them invent new and astonishing ways of proposing, Hendrick’s Gin is teaching both male and female consumers how to not to be a gentleman (for men) or how to trap your potential spouse (for young fillies) in its two schools, Hendricks’s school for scoundrels and Ladies school of nuptial conquest.

As 2012 quickly approaches, brands are busy creating unique, charming and memorable experiences for their consumers ahead of Christmas. The Hendrick’s Gin brand, which is known for its extravagant ‘Monty Python’ style, is inviting its U.S. fans to get into the unique world of miracles and winter tales by visiting The Hendrick’s Enchanted Forest of Curiosities, which was first introduced last year in NYC and now for the first time has arrived in San Francisco for just three days, December 6-8, in SoMa. The exiting venue, which “took the city by (winter) storm with a snow-filled indoor woodland scene brought to life filled with oddities, bizarre performances, and even a West Coast-rarity of a twinkling firefly or two,” will make the next stop in Brooklyn, New York, on December 13-15, spreading the holiday spirit with its cute oddities.