In the time of the London Design Festival 2014, beer brand Heineken will once again demonstrate its passion for creativity, design and night life. Twenty young urban, interior and light designers from Warsaw, New York, Mexico City and Singapore, earlier commissioned by the brand, will represent their project of a branded pop-up lounge bar which will travel the world after its debut in London. 

Kitchen have always been the space where people spend a great deal of their time when they are at home, and things we do there are not limited to just cooking and having meals. Brands are doing their great part in developing smart, beautiful and efficient solutions for modern kitchens—such home comfort providers as IKEA, Electrolux and Philips to name a few are recognized leaders in the sphere, but brands from other fields have taken up the challenge, too. Diesel, one of the leaders in the casual apparel industry, is also contributing. The brand has teamed up with Italian kitchen furniture brand Scavolini to create the Social Kitchen, which have become part of Diesel’s ‘Successful living’ collection.

IKEA that has already presented its 2012 U.S. catalog and launched a new Twitter handle continues to communicate with consumers in a more social way. A few days ago, IKEA announced the official launch of a new community photo-sharing website called ‘Share Space’. It is a social platform for users that can upload photos of their living spaces to easily find and share design inspiration with one another.