Pearlfisher has created the brand and packaging design for the new Wild Sloe Berry Bitters, by Jameson. This is a new, beautifully crafted and locally sourced Bitters brand from Jameson that delves into the brand’s Irish roots and flavours, and is designed to give influential bartenders and drink enthusiasts new ways to enjoy and experience the iconic whiskey brand.

Jameson, one of the biggest fans of cinema in the world of alcohol brands, is offering its consumers once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collaborate with a Hollywood celebrity on a short movie. The brand, which has presented a bunch of initiatives related to the world of cinema (Jameson Short Film Award and John Jameson Production are just a few of them), is now inviting emerging filmmakers to visit its Jameson First Shot website and enter the competition for a chance to get Kevin Spacey cast in a short film, based on their script and directed by them.

The story of close relationship between brands and cinematography started nearly at the same time as the cinema itself was born—in the beginning of the  movie era, the big companies promoted their products though short clips which were screened before movies. Now it’s not that easy to tell for sure for which product the pioneer ad was created, but according to a range of sources (IMDB is one of them), the first filmed advertising for a today’s global brand was shot for Dewar’s Scotch Whisky (1897). Today, connections between filmmaking industry and brands go beyond this simple presence and include a lot of examples such as much discussed product placement, festival sponsorship and opening cinema clubs, cinema-related advertising campaigns, collaboration with filmmakers on commercials, and creating movies under brands’ supervision.

ELLE, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Piaget, Acura, the AVEENO skin care and hair care brand, LG and Stella Artois to name a few became the sponsors of the 26th Film Independent Spirit Awards, which pays tribute to the independent film community, celebrating films made by filmmakers who embody independence and originality. ‘Black Swan,’ ‘Winter’s Bone,’ ‘127 Hours,’ ‘The Kids Are All Right,’ and ‘The King’s Speech’ among others received awards at the ceremony, held in Santa Monica, USA, on February 26.

Ahead of the upcoming St Patrick’s Day (17 March), brands are busy launching new products and editions to celebrate the big holiday. The Guinness beer and the Jameson whisky are traditionally considered as the most Irish trademarks, and they just couldn’t miss the date. As part of the upcoming celebration, the brands have announced two products which are totally dedicated to the holiday—HP Guinness Sauce, designed by leading London brand consultancy Bulletproof, and limited edition Jameson bottle, created in collaboration with acclaimed designer Paul Daly.