Magnum can be proud of its rich advertising background—last year, the brand released a gorgeous spot by Brian Singer featuring Benicio del Toro, at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival it presented a series of vignettes created by Karl Lagerfeld, and now Unilever Canada is one the lookout for Magnum heir in its new advertising push. The campaign developed by Ogilvy & Mather to promote the ice cream’s six-flavour range launching in Canada this month, was kicked on the dedicated website and Facebook page.

Usually, brands put the focus on positive things while promoting its products, but sometimes they decide to forget about sweet things and dare to come close to the line, which divides the gritty criminal world and the life of model citizens—of course, only in advertising, not when doing business. Humorous or ironical advertising campaigns featuring robbers, spies, thieves, corsairs, undercover agents, peace-breakers and all sorts of baddies (barring cruel dictators) as well as their victims are showcased in this review.

April 21 will be a night of super-premium premieres as the red carpet rolls out during the Tribeca Film Festival (April 20—May 1) for the debut of an original film series by Karl Lagerfeld, starring Rachel Bilson, marking the U.S. introduction of Magnum® ice cream. Simultaneous to the exclusive premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, the lead film will be released to viewers around the world on Magnum’s Facebook page.