Brave, Mother and Wieden + Kennedy London have “rebranded” feminism for the November issue of the women’s magazine Elle UK. The campaign aims to draw a new picture of what feminism is, without any labels. For the project, the agencies have teamed up with feminist groups— Mother partnered with The Feminist Times, Brave worked with teenage feminist campaigner Jinan Younis, and W+K collaborated with two women behind the Vagenda website, Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett.

IKEA is exploring the theme of smart interiors for tiny homes in its latest campaign, “Make Small Spaces Big,” in the UK and Ireland. The new effort by Mother is revolving around the idea that any small apartment can be turned into a comfortable and functional space with the help of bright furnishing solutions and wisely designed products from the Swedish retailer.

IKEA UK is unveiling a new phase of the last year’s campaign focused on outdoor living solutions. The new chapter of the promotion, “Make more of your garden,” is inspiring consumers to treat and furnish their garden spaces just like any room inside the house. The major element of the latest installment is a surrealistic “thriller” music film that narrates a story of a battle between a typical English family and mischievous garden gnomes.

The lager brand Stella Artois, which has a strong emotional connection with the cinema world, launched its new ad during the live broadcast of the Oscars on Sunday. The advert titled “The Artist,” which has nothing in common with the silent movie under the same name, celebrates the craftsmanship behind each glass of the beer.

Acer has tapped Megan Fox for its new film promoting the Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook inspired by Intel. The brand decided to leverage the celebrity’s love for dolphins (she once narrated the documentary Na Nai’a: Legends of the Dolphins) and made this passion the theme of the new 1:30 film. In the video, Megan Fox stars as Megan Fox and is changing her life, starting a new study that will allow her to talk with dolphins.

IKEA, which has been helping consumers across the globe create simple and comfortable interiors, is launching a new campaign in the UK, which is focused not on the products but on activities which take place at home. The new campaign, developed by Mother, will launch on October 20 to draw Brits’ attentions to their home as the center of their family life, and will tel how IKEA can help improve it.

When you buy kitchen furniture, you want it be super durable and indestructible, but the cooking and dining section seem to be the most aggressive space in the house. IKEA provides 25-year guarantee to its furniture and shows that it can resist most damages, even those made during parties. On its UK website, the manufacturer created an interactive demonstration of what this furniture can bear.