Heineken is collaborating with another creative collective as part of its ongoing #Heineken100 program to celebrate “Man of the World” from the brand’s international marketing effort. This time, one of the world’s leading brewers is teaming up with Japanese clothing brand NEIGHBORHOOD for a denim project that unites both brands’ ethos and style.

Heineken is driving home beer drinking experience to the new heights of sophistication with the launch of “The Sub,” a draft dispenser that combines functionality and top-notch futuristic look. It is charged with a special 2-litre keg (a so-called torp) of a brew of choice from the company’s lineup—chilled at 2 degrees Celsius and fresh for 15 days.

LEGO, the brand that has always been associated with younger consumers, now grows up to deliver goods for adults. The manufacturer is unveiling a collection of timepieces for men and women in versatile styles. The watches, arriving in November 2013, are plastic and have interchangeable parts such as the bracelet links and bezels, which is a tribute to the “build yourself” ethos of the brand and a nice move in the era of customization.