A man and a woman, conception of a fetus, nine months of pregnancy, a newborn. This is a standard scheme of how human babies have been coming into this life for ages. Now, when technologies are constantly reformulating our everyday lives, are they also reaching out into the basics of our existence, the way we develop from the very first day after the fusion of gametes? How can women make the most from their pregnancy and make it a yet more remarkable experience? How is the baby’s life in the very first days getting enhanced by science and gadgets? The next generation will be not just influenced by tech, it is already born with tech as part of its DNA.

Traditionally, at the end of each year the research firm JWT Intelligence releases the list of Top 100 Things to Watch for the coming 12 months. While in 2013 the most trending topics were the rise of «appcessories,» peer-to-peer partnerships, detoxification and mindful living, in 2014 we might witness the boom of haptic technology, so-called heads-up movement and development of edible packaging.

Today, being eco-minded is an integral part of living consciously. Consumers are switching to “slow” food, “slow” fashion, “slow” living, focusing on quality and durability rather than quantity and growth. People are caring not only about what and how they consume, they are questioning their impact on environment and society: consumerism is gradually giving way to mindful lifestyle.  Now, it’s not about owning or digesting more, it’s about consuming no more than you really need, making the most of resources and giving back to nature. Below, there are six growing trends that have been driving mindful consumption movement over the year of 2013.

Cities are gradually evolving into more personalized spaces, allowing citizens to organize their life in the most sustainable way. Originally being areas for masses, cities are shifting towards focusing on individuals—their intellectual and physical needs, their passions, social and environmental views and aspirations.

Within the past year, there have been two major trends in re-arranging urban life: on the one hand, cities tend to be eco-friendly and more comfortable; on the other hand, the urban environment integrates technology for communal living, thus gets more tech-oriented and somewhat futuristic.

Find some most vibrant trends in urban living that will gain momentum in 2014, below.