#PolishGirl: absolute Instagram leaders and global branding

If to ask anyone who are the most active on Instagram teenagers, answers can be Chinese, American, maybe Brazilian or Russian. But not Polish, teens from not so big country in Eastern Europe (#36 by population).

But here is fantastic statistics:


#PolishBoy is the most popular hashtag in this category in the world as well — 4 076 611.

Actually, it can be for two reasons: Polish teenagers use Instagram more than any others, or they are most patriotic if they see fit to use national hashtags. In any case, they want to express themselves and we are ready to hear.

For Popsop Research we chose 100 random young ladies from Poland and identified their interests and favorite brands. All results present in tables.

The goals of research are:

1. to show national characteristics of Polish people and marketing

2. to help global marketing to be more effective and realistic in Poland and close countries

3. to show typical ladies’ behavior on Instagram

First of all, girls from Poland have the absolute right to take millions of selfies — they are very beautiful, smart and modest, ones of most attractive on Earth.



AGE: schoolgirls — 48%, students — 26%, adults — 26%.