Within the tightly formed battleground of the Portugese beer market, the Sagres brand had not been evolved to its fullest potential, and on-shelf the brand’s erosion of quality and national pride was a threat to one of Portugal’s most iconic beers. Could beer brand experts Claessens International give Sagres back its national pride and rebuild its emotional bond with consumers?

In 2007, the then newly launched Bounce Balls were criticized in The Grocer, with the Expert Verdict (Category Controller, Nisa-Today) concluding: “The packaging is nondescript and doesn’t shout out to the consumer… the products will only appeal to the health-conscious. They are also too expensive… this is a niche product… the company will find it difficult to market this outside of health stores.”

London-based agency Ziggurat Brands has created a refreshed identity for the UK’s best-selling fresh soup brand New Covent Garden. The agency was approached with a task to develop a contemporary and appealing look of the iconic cartons to highlight the taste credentials of the soup line. The new vivid and colorful design also provides the clearest range segmentation, making it easier for consumers to differentiate the products in five segments of the brand’s portfolio.

Title: American Rom
Advertiser/Client: Kandia Dulce
Product/Service: Snack
DM/Advertising Agency:
McCann Erickson Bucharest, Romania

The brief from the client:

Romania’s ROM chocolate bar is the traditional Romanian chocolate. Launched in 1964 with the Romanian flag on its wrapper, it had an ageing, nostalgic consumer base and was losing ground with the young generation. In a category in which success means continuously attracting younger fans, ROM’s nationalistic values were a disadvantage. Young Romanians are disillusioned and cynical, with only 12% describing themselves as patriots. They prefer ‘cool’ American confectionery brands like Snickers and Mars. ROM—the chocolate bar bearing the Romanian flag—needed to gain appeal to youngsters with few national values.