Countryside as a symbol of collectivism


Since ancient times people lived in the community, where they had their own leader, rules, and the community spirit that had historically moved from epoch to epoch. And even many years later it remained in the hearts of many people. The fact of the appearance of the villages of modern type where the collective intelligence of its inhabitants performs magic.

Chinese Huaxi Village is one of the richest in the world. The common people call it «the village of millionaires». All its inhabitants have their own cottages, drive solely expensive cars and have a bank account for hundreds of millions of yuan. Huaxi is more like a resort where the party nomenklatura has rest. Cute two-storey houses, greenery, fountains, ponds with carps and turtles, peace and quiet, so unusual for China are everywhere.


Capital of the most «poor» family is at least 3 million yuan. But therefore there is no place to spend money. Medicine and school in the village are free, products cost a penny and there are no special entertainment. Medicine and school in the village are free, products cost a penny and there are no special entertainment. And now, after a few collective meetings, it was decided to build the 74-storey skyscraper in a futuristic style in the village. All the families chipped in 3 billion yuan together (over $ 470 million) to do this. As a result, the building was completed in 2011. Five-star hotel, business center, numerous restaurants, shopping area are situated here. The Chinese call this luxury building «a symbol of collectivism».


By the way, this is not the latest «acquisition» of the village. In the nearest future it is planned to build another two skyscrapers, buy planes, helicopters and ships. And all this happiness, as well as the ideas, are created at the expense of inhabitants. Society considers it one of the best examples of the success of China’s reforms.


Several years passed after the news of the 74-storey skyscraper spread around the Internet, and in 2014 the Chinese surprised the world once again. 54 -year-old Chinese businessman Xiong Shuihua with the help of bulldozers razed to the ground all the wooden buildings of his native village in southern China and destroyed all the terrible roads. On this place he built new fashionable houses for each family dwelling in the village. The millionaire provided elderly people and people with low income with free meals three times a day.


A man was inspired by a desire to repay good all families from his village who have been kind to him when he himself had not a penny to his name. And now it’s not just a village, but a real community where the rule of «one for all and all for one». Users of social media do not stop admiring the generosity of the Chinese.


And not so long ago news that a new village appeared in Texas exploded social media. It consists of only four cozy houses located on the banks of the Llano River. Four couples who have been best friends for 20 years and always wanted to be closer to each other and to nature built these houses. They combined their savings, built a tiny town just for yourself and embodied their dream. They called their settlement «Llano Exit Strategy».


It is difficult to rate the positive extent of people to the Llano Exit Strategy because the phenomenon is new and only the media trumpeted about the village at the moment. But it is not difficult to draw a parallel with how well the public accept the broad steps of collective community work. And who knows, maybe this is the best way to return the prior cohesion and peace to humanity.