Fibonacci company presented an innovative product for world agriculture


Now it has become a reality to grow strawberries all year round, having about 6 crops a year. How is it possible?

In 2017 year Fibonacci company presented innovative automated vertical agrofarm BerryFarm800, which allows growing strawberries everywhere all year round.

Agrofarm BerryFarm800 is capable of producing 6 and more crops of delicatessen strawberries per year, including the winter months. 800 sections of the agro-farm with a total number of seats of 76,800 bushes give 15 tons of delicacy strawberries per month, all year round. As a result — a natural berry of organic quality (without pesticides and chemicals) on organic biohumus fertilizer with natural fructose and vitamins.


Maintenance of the agrofarm does not require special knowledge and a large number of staff. Five people are enough to service BerryFarm800, as all processes are automated. Remote control of all the agrofarm operation parameters is possible thanks to the software developed specially for the tasks of BerryFarm800. Another advantage is that you do not need to build a greenhouse to install an agrofarm. BerryFarm800 can be installed in any ready-made commercial premises (warehouse, production room, technical room, etc.). And it is completely independent of climatic conditions.

A clear advantage is also the quick installation and start-up for 2 months from the time of ordering to industrial start-up.


The solution proposed by Fibonacci has no analogues in the world and, according to experts’ estimates, will have an impact on the food policy of our country, including ensuring national security, allowing refusing the import of strawberries. «Today, in terms of sanctions and tightening of the policy of importing vegetables and fruits from abroad, it is economically attractive for all groups of consumers. We are ready to supply equipment throughout the country, allowing customers to grow quality, natural berries for personal use and for commercial purposes, «- representatives of Fibonacci say.