Sharenting as a self-realization


Sharenting (share+parenting) — the use of Social media to share by parents a content based on their children. 

Sharenting in society is more often perceived as a negative phenomenon: the usual opinion is something like «mothers have nothing else to do but post millions of kids’ photos». But it’s not less insane to blame someone not trying to look at the situation from opposite side. Everything that exists in the world, especially if so actively, must be caused by some need. And in this case, the answer is apparent: sharenting satisfies the need of young women for self-realization and social approval. Social isolation in an early period of motherhood is a hard experience for mother in our age of women emancipation. Digital era gives a possibility to make this time more comfortable. Of course, there’s one else side: personal life borders, but it’s parents’ choice and nobody should judge them.

Sometimes mother’s love goes beyond the boundaries and things like this happen.


To show you the healthy and mindful example of sharenting we chose one of most active on Instagram mothers in terms of marking photos with #sharenting — Yan from the USA.

Here are main features we noticed in Yan’s publications that make sharenting healthy trend:

1. Always life in first place: no posing, no fake moments, no boasting.


2. Always sincere emotions and deep thoughts.



3. The great example of healthy childhood: creativity, reading, nature, sport, etc.



And as a conclusion.