Coca-Cola is extending its sustainable efforts from dedicated campaigns to a new brand centered around the cause, Ice Dew “Chun Yue,” or Pure Joy in China. The money collected through the sales of the product will fund projects focused around providing safe drinkable water to schoolchildren in rural regions of China. It’s the first-ever product of this kind for Coca-Cola not in China only, but also across the globe.

AXE is launching a new line of products, AXE Peace, and rolls out a campaign to promote a simple, but powerful weapon for a positive change across the globe—a kiss. The promotional effort uses the legendary “Make Love. Not War” slogan emerged back in the 60s as the maxim of the youth opposed to the Vietnam War. Now, half a century later, when the world is still shaken with war, AXE is determined to bring the motto back using its brand power to inspire the young generation.

British Airways helps vacation planners choose the desired roots with a new interactive tool, “Picture Your Holiday,” developed by BBH London’s digital agency Monterosa. The highly visual, mosaic-like website is built as a mood board with hundreds of images of “dream vacations” featuring traditional local food, fabulous city views and beach landscapes, sporting activities, shopping inspirations and many more.

AXE (Lynx) is well-known for its controversial campaigns, touching on the most personal themes, primarily about man-woman relationship. A few days ago, the brand has launched a nice poster in Hong Kong claiming that Lynx can turn a lesbian into a straight girl with just a few blasts of the body spray onto a male’s body. The promotion developed by BBH Asia Pacific in Singapore for the Hong Kong market builds on the announcement made by real-estate tycoon Cecil Chao, who offers HK $500 million dollars ($65 million US) to a guy who will turn his lesbian daughter Gigi into a straight gal.

Audi highlights simplicity and a neat approach in designing cars. A new campaign, developed by BBH, celebrates the “uncluttered” style the brand has used in creating its A3 sedan and in an indirect way takes on rivals of the model. The new promotion, which is set to be launched in the UK next month, revolves around the idea of using minimum visual resources to reach maximum effect in performance.