Baileys celebrates sisterhood in China, where siblings are rare

Ahead of International Women’s Day, Baileys is rolling out a female-targeted campaign in China, encouraging local ladies to celebrate their best friends. The idea of the campaign developed by BBH China builds on the fact that because of the one-child policy in China, having female friends is  the only possible way to have “sisters.”

The promotional initiative rolls across the social media channels, in particular, on Weibo. It includes three emotional films about three different pairs of sisters, who share insights into their lives and tell how encouraging and supporting their female friends are, how they contribute to their personal development and help find the balance between the career and family.

The films’ protagonists are Chinese TV hostess Zhu Dan and her manager Jia Qi, popular jewelry designers Ula and Sava and independent fashion store partner Tahsa and her close friend Vivan, a creative dessert designer. The episodes narrate their stories of success from the friendship’s perspective, reveal the role this no-blood connection plays in their life.

In each of the spots, a butterfly Baileys logo motif appears to link the episodes to the brand’s heritage. The liquor brand wants other women to share their stories of sisterhood and pay tribute to the person who is as close as a sister, without actually being part of the family. The campaign will be rolling out in China for two months.