Lynx (AXE) empowers young people to kiss for peace

AXE is launching a new line of products, AXE Peace, and rolls out a campaign to promote a simple, but powerful weapon for a positive change across the globe—a kiss. The promotional effort uses the legendary “Make Love. Not War” slogan emerged back in the 60s as the maxim of the youth opposed to the Vietnam War. Now, half a century later, when the world is still shaken with war, AXE is determined to bring the motto back using its brand power to inspire the young generation.

Photo: AXE Peace collection,

The new AXE Peace line is a traditional set of male grooming products, including a body spray, deodorant and antiperspirant sticks as well as shower gel, hair and face care products. All of them have a new masculine scent, created by fragrance expert Ann Gottlieb—it mixes notes of fresh citrus, nutmeg and cedar wood.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a 1-minute film by BBH London that comes as a video collage of hot war zones across the world. In the first part, the tension is growing as military men and dictators are about to start using the deadly weapon (as it seems), but in the end it becomes clear that these preparations were all positive and were used just to manifest deepest love to their women through assembling a huge portrait in a heart frame and setting off fireworks. There’ll also be a shorter 30-sec TV version of the ad.

The spot features the hashtag #KissForPeace for the audience to spread related commitments across the social media platforms. The brand is calling young adults to demonstrate their love to others—they can use the hashtag to share photos of them kissing their loved ones. The pictures will be featured on a wall that will be displayed on the Times Square Billboard from January 27 through February 10.

In fact, positive transformations in the society can also be made through goodwill social acts like supporting and contributing to charities. The brand is collaborating with Peace One Day, an international non-profit that raises awareness of peace on earth. As part of this partnership, AXE is also launching promotional efforts in 50 countries throughout 2014, aiming to tell a broader audience about Peace One Day’s goals centered on peace-building and driving awareness of Peace Day (September 21). The campaign will include presence at major lifestyle events as well as online, print and TV ads, empowering young people to “improve the world they live in through simple, yet powerful, acts of love and peace.”