As part of its Art, Copy & Code program, designed to offer a fresh take on advertising, Google is partnering with Nike to re-think its traditional AdWords platform with a soccer in mind. Together, they developed a customized user-friendly mobile ad system that reacted to what was being shown on TV during real-time games.

Nike collaborates with São Paulo-based photographers Flavio Samelo and Jayelle Hudson on a striking collection of tights. The design developed by the married couple is to illustrate the connection between nature and a person—the limited edition line comes as part of the broader project aptly named the Nike Tight of the Moment. The collection arrives in early July.

Sky Rainforest Rescue has teamed up with Lily Cole, an actress and model and now a designer, and the SapientNitro agency to create a new distinct promotion for saving tropical forests. The new effort is revealed on the Instagram platform—the team behind the promotion, #TapForTrainers, hacked the social media channel’s potential in a totally new and powerful way.

Levi’s is switching from an energy-packed “Go Forth” message, which has been used for the past five years, to a personal experience approach in its new promotional campaign “Live in Levi’s.” The multi-channel effort, developed by FCB and The House Worldwide, builds on real life stories of people who choose to wear Levi’s jeans for various occasions, throughout their life.

H&M collaborated with a legendary contemporary artist Jeff Koons, known for his glossy balloon sculptures, on a new mini art exhibition hosted at the 57,000-square-foot flagship store on Fifth Avenue and 48th Street in New York City. As part of the collaboration, the Swedish brand and the American artist have created a special accessory piece that pays tribute to Koon’s signature artwork, balloon-dog.