Pepsi is revealing its “white, blue and red color” ethos in a capsule fashion collection that is set to appear on May 21 at 15 select Bloomingdale’s shopping venues and online stores. For this project, launched as part of the “Live for Now” campaign, the legendary soda brand has collaborated with a team of fashion and technology brands that include Del Toro, Original Penguin by Munsingwear, Bang & Olufsen, Shut, Gents, and Goodlife.

Warsaw-based Rip Curl Pro Store of sportive apparel has teamed up with Havas Worldwide Warsaw to enable visually impaired customers to see the color of their latest collection, which is all built around the vibrant shades. As part of the Color is for Everybody effort, the name of the color was printed in the Braille alphabet onto a special tag so that people, who can’t see, could read it with their fingers.

Diesel has collaborated with the popular contemporary culture magazine i-D to create a motion-packed spot dubbed “A-Z of Dance.” In the video, a team of street dancers perform 26 moves, one for each letter, in alphabetical order. The spot, filmed in Los Angeles skyline, promotes the new collection of Jogg Jeans, the denim/jersey hybrid pants that are perfect for dancers or just people who love to move a lot.

The Japanese apparel brand UNIQLO has teamed up with Pharrell Williams, a U.S. musical and fashion designer, to create a line of limited-edition “i am OTHER” T-shirts. The brand says that the concept for the collection is based on the celebrity’s shared philosophy of a creative way of life, based on art, music, apparel, film, TV, technology and multimedia. The collection got its name from Pharrell’s multimedia creative enterprise. 

Reebok has introduced a new brand mark, the Delta symbol, to emphasize the three key elements of a transformative athletic experience—physical, mental and social change—that happen when people go beyond the limits of physical possibilities. With the introduction of the new logo, the brand wants to focus on fitness rather than on the professional sports performance, which signals of the label’s intension to appeal to amateur athletes more.

The American R&B singer, producer and designer Pharrell Williams has collaborated with the eco-thread company Bionic Yarn and the Dutch fashion brand G-Star RAW to create jeans from the plastic trash collected in the sea waters. Following in the footsteps of Levi’s that crafts denim pieces from post-consumer plastic bottles from municipal cites, the collaborators officially go as further—or deeper—as the oceans to extract the material for the jeans.

Commuting using public transport can now be virtually germproof thanks to the new prototype clothing and accessory line “Straphanger” developed by the innovation consulting firm Gravitytank. The items feature anti-bacterial elements that protect subway riders from the microbes and viruses that spread actively during the cold season.