Absolut Vodka is reviving its famous ‘Colours’ limited edition in the UK, first launched in 2009 to support the VIII Gay Games in Cologne. The bottle features the colours of the gay pride flag designed by San Francisco-based artist Gilbert Baker in 1977 and reflects the brand’s long-standing commitment to support human rights, equality and artistic expression.

Global technology company Intel has announced a competition for startups specialising in perceptual computing—the Intel RealSense Technology App Challenge 2014. The developers are expected to created apps that combine immersive human-computer interaction using Intel Real Sense technology with 3D Intel cameras that will soon become available on Windows-based tablets and smartphones.

Deutsche Bank is teaming up with the Designboom online journal for a global competition that focuses on the future of banking. As part of the contest, the bank is seeking smart and fresh solutions that will help enhance customer experience in such fields as branch interactions, digital day-to-day and life planning bank transactions. Ideas that revolve around inspiring consumers and nurturing a positive outlook are also accepted.

Toyota is harnessing the power of kids’ creativity in 8th consecutive Toyota’s Dream Car Art Contest, who “prototype” new types of cars that might tackle the world’s toughest environmental and social issues. The children’s sketches are turned into vibrant Vine videos to inspire the generation of parents to turn contemporary world into a better place to live.