Toyota turns kids’ most impressive ultra-positive “car of future” sketches into Vines within its Toyota’s Dream Car Art Contest

Toyota is harnessing the power of kids’ creativity in 8th consecutive Toyota’s Dream Car Art Contest, who “prototype” new types of cars that might tackle the world’s toughest environmental and social issues. The children’s sketches are turned into vibrant Vine videos to inspire the generation of parents to turn contemporary world into a better place to live.

The car giant has unveiled 90 finalists of the competition—their works are revealed as Dream Car of the Day colorful Vines. The entire animation in the clip is created using a pack of tools CGI, 3D printed models, paper cut outs, and stop motion animation that preserves the vibe of the original piece. Today (July 24), the site celebrates the piece by Natasha Mahmoud Shallo, aged 7, from Kenya. The girl has dedicated her piece to handicapped children saying that she would “spend time with the disabled kids (drive them anywhere).”

Pic.: «We Are All One» by Natasha Mahmoud Shallo, aged 7, Kenya

As part of the competition, the brand has reviewed works submitted by 660k+ children ages 4-15 from over 75 countries. The kids were tasked to picture a car that would help to change to world for better. The kids’ interpretations of a “car of the future” ranged from a predictable spaceship or a flying vehicle to a completely stunning and unconventional, huge bug-like car for a family ride, a gift-sharing automobile and many more. The first artwork was revealed on May 29, and the last one will arrive on August 26.

Pic.: An artwork by Sirirot Khotuaongsa, aged 15, Thailand, July 22

The winners of the Dream Car Art Contest will be announced in September, and 30 finalists will head to Japan for the Awards Ceremony.