In late fall each year starting 2009, Danone’s carbonated water brand Badoit releases a new limited-edition designer version of its elegant bottle dedicated to the upcoming year. On the heels of Coca-Cola and evian’s numerous design collaborations with fashion geniuses, Badoit started its New Year series as a tribute to the festive season. This began as a student project—in 2009, the brand challenged students of Fine Arts in Paris and the National School of Decorative Arts to create the festive bottle design, and this evolved into a tradition of releasing new bottles by professional designers ahead of Christmas.

The Dannon Company, Inc. yesterday, April 25, announced the launch of a new campaign to help Californians Live Your Active Culture, to support and motivate families stateswide to enjoy a balanced diet and find fun, physically active ways to bring everyone together. The campaign, which will be in full swing beginning in May, consists of five key components: encouraging families to take a pledge to make healthy food choices and include physical activity; a partnership with soccer legend Mia Hamm; a partnership with and donation to the California State Parks Foundation (CSPF); a Dannon mobile tour; and an ongoing, interactive program that provides families with support and rewards for making healthy choices.