Dell explores the art of making everything within 5 seconds

Dell is releasing the new installment of its marketing campaign dubbed “Learning Meets Doing”. The new piece is focused on two people—a creative man who is all about making concepts, and his assistant who helps realize the ideas. The digital effort is spanning multiple social channels such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, with the main hub being a Tumblr page.

The 2-minute film titled “5-Second Filmmaker” presents the fictional Marty Goldberg, who has integrated the “Goldberg Method”–which means that everything takes place in 5-second intervals—both into his work and life. His protégé Gary, armed with Dell technology, helps him everywhere, all to create truly unique pieces.

The Tumblr-page features a range of promo materials dedicated to the new and previous installment, “Center for Selfie Improvement” as well as a range of fun facts, guidelines, simple gifs and more.

The activation comes as the back-to-school campaign that is rolling out across developing markets across India, Brazil and China.