There are many ways to celebrate individuality, but it is much better when well-known brands help you with this. Dr Pepper has launched a new US advertising push dubbed “/1,” or “one of one,” which centers around the “each one is unique” message, which is behind the “One of a Kind” campaign launched in early 2012. The new promotion developed by Deutsch LA includes a series of adverts starring individuals who achieved a lot in their life.

One of the best ways to make an ad viewed and talked about by larger number of people is to make it controversial. The Dr Pepper brand has posted a new visual to its Facebook page—actually, quite a conventional one,—which ignited a lot of buzz in the comments. The ad titled “Evolution of Flavour” actually depicts an evolution of a man, featuring three stages of a human’s development: Pre-Pepper (an ape), Pepper Discovery (a cave man), and Post-Pepper (a man as he is now). This approach has been used numerous times in all kinds of visuals, but this time it turned to bee really offensive for some fans of the Dr Pepper page.

Dr Pepper, the iconic beverage brand which celebrated the 125th anniversary of its ‘original life’ in 2010, is kicking off a new advertising campaign, which is revolving around authenticity. The U.S. promotion dubbed ‘Always One of a Kind’ includes a commercial, which features nearly a thousand of the brand’s fans, who are living their life in an unconventional way and are happy to have their fresh and bright traits, which make them different from most of other people—the spot, which debuted yesterday, January 9, during the BCS National Championship Game, will be aired in March ABC, CW, FOX, NBC and cable channels.

To appeal to different categories of consumers effectively, some brands use different promotional concepts for similar products, tailoring the positioning to the tastes of target audience. The iconic carbonated drink Dr Pepper has finally launched its Dr Pepper Ten, a 10-calorie soft drink, which has been testing on the U.S. market since early year, across the country. Basically, the new product is another version of the brand’s diet drink (though, with its calories and sugar it differs from Diet Dr Pepper, 10/2 in Dr Pepper 10 vs. 0/0 in Diet), but its low calorie background was not highlighted here since, as researches state, male shoppers don’t think that diet products are ‘manly’ enough.