Burger King is introducing improvements to the French fries, a product often perceived as one of the major contributors to the obesity problem. The No.2 fast food chain has dramatically reduced the amount of calories in the popular item on the menu—it now includes 40% less fat and 30% fewer calories than the similar offering in the rival chain, McDonald’s. Due to its “lighter” character that delivers more joy than guilt, the new crinkle-cut product was named “Satisfries.”

Chipotle, an international Mexican food chain, is taking on the artificial food producers, Big Food, in the new ironical promotion, The Scarecrow. The brand, targeting Gen Y, has chosen a cartoon-based visual approach to communicate its sustainable philosophy through a 3½-minute animated video ad as well as a downloadable game. Interestingly enough, the promotional elements have virtually no branding—the chain’s logo appears only in the intro of the game and in the end of the spot, so that it contributes not to Chipotle only, but to the healthy eating standards in general.

McDonald’s is making its restaurants a yet happier place for kids. The fast food chain has collaborated with DDB Singapore to create an ultimately playable table for its youngest customers at the brand’s venue in Yishun, Singapore. The team behind the project turned a traditional grey table in the restaurant into a playground using Near Field Communication—thanks to a pinch of technology a boring piece of the interior turned into a platform for an interactive game.

McDonald’s is highlighting its products through a plethora of personal stories of UK consumers on the new destination 100 McDonald’s Moments. The fun and playful site by Razorfish London and Goodboy Digital features a hundred of various feedbacks from real people who are telling how McDonald’s has left its mark in their life experiences, from personal relationship to travelling abroad.

If you are rather unsatisfied with the service or quality of (fast) food in London, it’s high time to try a new offering from the biggest UK’s Japanese chain of restaurants YO! Sushi, which has recently introduced a revolutionary flying tray to amaze customers and further promote its lower-calorie natural Asian-style burger.

McDonald’s has unveiled a new eye-catching packaging design, which is fun and educational at the same time. The restaurant chain is changing the look of its carry-out bags and fountain beverage cups, which now fearure QR codes that provide access to nutrition information. The fast-food giant launches the new design in the U.S. this week and is going to roll it out globally through 2013, “with the text being translated into 18 different languages,” says the company in the press note.