McDonald’s to introduce new design for carry-out bags and beverage cups globally

The fast food giant McDonald’s is rolling out a new packaging developed by its long-time design partners, the UK- and Chicag0-based agency Boxer. Initially the new graphic design for carry-out bags and fountain beverage cups was introduced in the USA in January 2013 and now it will be translated into 18 languages to roll out globally.

As always, the new packs depict the fresh ingredients which the McDonald’s food is cooked from, as well as QR codes providing customers with all nutritional information.

«The handmade design language has been crafted to feel personal and playful,» the press release says.

The design evolution of the McDonald’s packaging from 1955 through 2013 can be seen here.

Photo: McDonal's new QR-coded global packaging
Photo: McDonal’s new QR-coded global packaging