McDonald’s is plotting a complete overhaul, both from inside and outside. The world’s No. 1 biggest fast food chain is set to transform its menu and switch to a new branding. This evolutional process will take about 18 months, and after this reconstruction the world will see a new McDonald’s built around healthier foods, authentic homely atmosphere and sustainability-driven philosophy. In some way, in terms of positioning McDonald’s will be similar to the rapidly  growing Chipotle Mexican Grill chain.

McDonald’s recreates the best moments of the ongoing World Cup tournament just in case you’ve missed the matches or want to revive key points of the games. The fast food giant, which is one of the major sponsors of the event, has launched a series of super short animated spots that feature golden french fries, the brand’s signature product, that comes as football players on the pitch.

Chipotle Mexican Grill goes from emotional animation to action-packed four-episode comedy series, “Farmed and Dangerous,” to raise concerns about food produced in non-ethical ways. The project that encourages the audience to take a new look at the world of industrial agriculture in America, and see the dangers of «improved» ways of growing cattle and vegetables.

Ahead of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, scheduled to take place from 6 to 23 February, a global Olympic partner McDonald’s is rolling out a social media effort to connect athletes with the broad fan community. Fans are given an opportunity to wish good luck to their favorite athletes or teams. The messages will appear on the special display in Athletes’ Village in Sochi as well as on the bracelets the sports heroes will wear.