Procter&Gamble delivers two brands in one commercial—the company released two ads, in which it puts two products into the spotlight at the same time. One of the adverts starts with a presentation of Bounce Dryer Bar in a laundry room, and while a gentle woman is telling how to use the product, shouting Terry Crews invades the room by crashing through the wall on his jet ski. It is just like a huge explosion, but the Old Spice’s spokesperson just couldn’t help it—“Old Spice is so powerful it sell itself in other people’s commercials.” The shocked female presenter without any hesitation (though, with a sour face) admits that the invader does smell power. While Isaiah Mustafa, the iconic Old Spice face, has a more refined, ‘the best man (and sometimes Santa Claus) in the world,’ Crews has being sticking to a more aggressive ‘breakthrough’ manner to advertize the product.

Technology giant GE comes on the heels of Honda’s ‘Dream The Impossible’ documentary series and a range of similar initiatives by other brands, announcing the release of 30 documentary short films built around the theme of “the incredible human power of ideas and invention.” For the new project, the company teamed up with CINELAN, the publisher of three-minute non-fiction videos headed by Morgan Spurlock and Karol Martesko-Fenster, and a roster of celebrated documentary filmmakers.

The world has a plethora of mysteries, which have been intriguing people for centuries. One of them—loss of one sock from a pair—has been recently solved by GE (General Electric), one of the leaders in the domestic and home kitchen appliances industry, in the tongue-in-cheek campaign launched on website to support people whose socks just vanished and give them recommendations on how to stop the tendency.