General Electric Creates ‘Future Folklore’ in China

General Electric has launched a new online campaign in China to show how inspiring ideas and local mythology can become an innovative reality. The campaign features a series of animated films that draw from ancient Chinese fables ‘Future Folklore’ created by TBWA/Tequila/Shanghai.

The videos present a storytelling platform designed to showcase technology and imagination. Though the stories are based on classic folklore, they are told in a modern way and demonstrate  how past can influence and inspire future to create new technology and change for the better.

First of all, the specific campaign targets business executives, government officials and healthcare professionals but it also calls on consumers to use not only existing technology but their imagination to find better solutions and thus create the ‘Future Folklore’. It also carries the idea of wise interaction with nature while developing and using modern technologies to create the more harmonious future.

The digital campaign will run on a number of Chinese websites until December. All films can be viewed at a dedicated web site (in Chinese only).

GE is also participating in Coca-Cola’s project of providing a global database of water risk information to help organizations make more informed and sustainable decisions.