In the latest edition of its annual report Zeitgeist (“spirit of the times” in German), Google is looking back at what people across the globe have searched throughout 2013. Every year the tech powerhouse chronicles the most popular enquiries across a number of categories including Trending People, Most-Searched Events, Top Trending Searches and more. The review includes top trending and popular searches across 72 countries.

Google is making philanthropy efforts yet easier to follow with a one-of-a-kind online event, “Hangout-a-thon” on Google+. The online meet-up will be dedicated to Giving Tuesday, the day when people traditionally donate to the charity of their choice. During the 12-hour event on Google+, the audience will be able to easier connect and donate to their favorite non-profit, all in virtual space.

Google is entering the winter holiday season with travelling Winter Wonderlabs that are now opening across the USA. These pop-up venues work both as product displays and as creative spaces, inviting consumers to explore the Google’s product from various perspectives. Designed as giant Snow Globes, the venues evoke the festive spirit and provide a deeper insight into a variety of gadgets the tech powerhouse is here to offer.

Google is offering a whole new way to fix real-life problems—now users are prompted not just to “google it” to find some information on the issue, but can also get a “personalized” video advice from real people. The tech powerhouse is launching Helpouts, an online service that connects people who seek help with those who can provide the required guidance though paid or free online meet-ups. The service is offered in eight categories, from Art&Music and Cooking to Fitness&Nutrition and Health.

Google is opening up new opportunities for teachers and students across the globe with its latest educational initiative, Connected Classrooms. Rolled out on the Google+ platform, the new online service allows students to virtually explore various places of interest far away from their physical locations—like famous zoos, aquariums, planetariums, museums and more at no cost.