Google puts the past 12 months in review in Zeitgeist’2013

In the latest edition of its annual report Zeitgeist (“spirit of the times” in German), Google is looking back at what people across the globe have searched throughout 2013. Every year the tech powerhouse chronicles the most popular enquiries across a number of categories including Trending People, Most-Searched Events, Top Trending Searches and more. The review includes top trending and popular searches across 72 countries.

The global Trending People chart is topped by Nelson Mandela, the great peacemaker who passed away on December 5,—on the list he is followed by Paul Walker (died on November 30), Malala Yousafzai, James Gandolfini (deceased on June 19) and Miley Cyrus. The top five events of the year were Boston Marathon, Typhoon Haiyan, Government Shutdown, 2014 FIFA World Cup and Chinese New Year. The top 5 global most trending Google+ hashtags this year were #Boston, #BreakingBad, #TyphoonHaiyan, #MileyCryus, and #Pope.

Report by country offers a more detailed insight into what people searched for on Google, locally. The multiple categories for trending searches and top charts of searches range from donations, news sources and “what is…” enquiries to famous internet animals, recipes and how-tos. For instance, in the US the most trending guidance enquiry was “how to tie a tie,” and in the UK it was “how to make pancakes,” and in Australia it was “how to draw.” The number of categories depends on the country.

Pic. Google Zeitgeist 2013, the top 100 searches of 2013 (click to enlarge)

Those who want to visualize their exploration of global trends, can follow to the top 100 trending searches of 2013 and see all of them in a wall of pictures. Users can discover trending events, people, brands, and more by clicking on the images of different sizes. For additional interactivity, Google has created a global 3D map featuring the top search trends of 2013 by day in cities across the globe. The site also allows to look back and view the trending topics, Zeitgeists of past years from of 2001 trough to 2012.